Missionaries Help Refugees in Hungary

We’ve all seen the heart-breaking stories on the news about the refugee crisis in Europe. In recent weeks, the main train station in Budapest has been filled with families seeking a better life and safety. Missionaries from a number of organizations have joined in the relief efforts, including those who serve with WGM. Here’s Katy Beth Searls sharing what her family has been a part of in the last several days:

“God’s been answering in specific ways. He’s working! Many of the refugees have been able to move on and He’s given us plans on how to help on the ground now. I was able to go into the city and interact with children and mothers on Friday in the name of Jesus! Oh, how GLAD I am to be able to name HIS NAME and just speak the name of JESUS as I loved on and prayed for these ones.

Dan and I helped take a group of high schoolers with Abby and Sadie today back downtown to give out food and water, toys, and ponchos. The sweet ones I’d seen on Friday morning were not there Saturday afternoon. On Friday, they were mostly from Syria. Most of the ones we talked to on Saturday were from Afghanistan. Dan talked to a bunch of young men from Pakistan.

Dan Searls took a group of high school students to hand out water and supplies to refugees in Budapest.

Dan and Katy Beth Searls took a group of high school students to hand out water and supplies to refugees in Budapest.

Our teammates, Mark and Eszti Landerholm, had a great group from several churches set up a “Bathe your Baby” station and a soup kitchen with a hot meal for supper. Amazing what creativity Jesus gave them. He’s answering your prayers. THANK YOU!!

The situation is very fluid and changing rapidly but we were looking for how God is working and it was great to pray with the high schoolers in the park and outside the train station for the ones who were there and the ones  who have traveled on and for the ones still coming.”

Yesterday, Dan wrote about traveling to one of the refugee camps to help clean it up for more who were about to arrive.

“Today I was able to go down to where many are crossing the border into Hungary from Serbia. It is not a place where many are staying long, as Hungary is working on getting them registered and on their way. They usually arrive at night and need a place to rest until they are able to move on. High turnover has created chaos and a lot of trash! We picked up trash, organized, helped make a tent village and PRAYED! I prayed over the mother and her little ones who were there last night as I cleaned out a tent with a baby hat that had been left. There was a pacifier left in the dirt that made my heart hurt as I bent over to pick it up and prayed for the family that moved on without it. I prayed for the families coming tonight who will sleep in the tents that we cleaned out and re-positioned for them.

Dan Searls and Mark Landerholm joined a number of volunteers to clean up this camp site for refugees.

Dan Searls and Mark Landerholm joined a number of volunteers to clean up this campsite for refugees.

There were volunteers from France and Germany and Great Britain who were working with us as we struggled to bring some chaos out of  the disorder. As we were heading home, we saw newly arriving refugees coming down the railroad tracks from Serbia.

So many questions that are unanswerable, but we can PRAY!!”


Pray for God’s grace and peace to be with the refugees who are fleeing violence and poverty. Pray for missionaries as they reach out to them in Christ’s name. Pray for open doors to sharing His love.

If you would like to be a part of meeting these needs, please donate here.

When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God. (Leviticus 19:33-24 NIV)


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