Changing lives, one “Jaime” at a time

Margaron FamilyIt takes a lot to overcome being raised in a generational gang family, where the norm is violence, instability, poverty, and substance abuse. The Center, WGM’s ministry center in Stockton, California, is placed in the middle of a neighborhood filled with these problems. But slowly, person by person, the light of Jesus Christ is piercing the darkness. Here’s Bob Margaron thanking those who have been a part of this ministry:

God has truly blessed Lisa, Sarah, and me by allowing us to serve Him on the front line as part of His ministry team in Stockton, California. We do not take this honor He has bestowed upon us lightly.

You are a very significant part of God’s ministry team in Stockton also. I am writing you this letter to say Thank You! If it had not been for your obedience to God by joining His team in Stockton, this community would be much different.  The lives that have been impacted for God’s glory may very well be going in a different direction or worse yet, some may even be dead.

One story about a 14-year-old boy who comes to The Center is very tragic and exciting at the same time. This young man who we will call Jaime comes from a generational gang family. His father is dead. He has two brothers who are dead. His mother still dates gang members, and his uncle who lives in the same house deals drugs to pay the bills.

Most people would think this young man’s only hope was to follow in the family business. Wrong! To make a very long story short, I had the privilege of praying with Jaime when he asked Jesus to come into his life. Since that day, Jaime has missed very few Bible Clubs.

Jaime makes very different choices than his friends now. If his friends get in trouble or are bored and want to leave, Jaime tells them that is their choice. He is staying at The Center. If you had not been a significant part of God’s ministry team in Stockton, Jaime might very well be dead just like his father and brothers.

Again, I must say, THANK YOU for being part of God’s Team in Stockton, California. Because of you lives are changing and God is being glorified!


Your continued partnership in The Center will enable volunteers and staff to invest in more “Jaime’s” in Stockton. Donate online here.

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