Staff needs: Community Health and Development

Under the broad ministry term Community Health and Development, WGM uses the philosophy/program called Community Health Evangelism, which is designed to facilitate communities working to better themselves both physically and spiritually. CHE facilitators work with communities to identify leaders and provide them with training that they pass on to the community. The trainers then continue to work alongside the community to bring about lasting transformation in the areas of physical and spiritual health.

Basically, we believe in empowering local communities and churches to transform the lives of people in areas of education, health, and economic status. Trainers and facilitators are needed to handle training more leaders, logistics, and networking. Check out the job descriptions below for more information on specific needs. Are they waiting for you?

Papua New Guinea: CHE Facilitator

Honduras: Small Business Facilitator

Mexico: Community Development Director

Uganda: Vocational Training Personnel

Questions? Email Jared Gleason, WGM’s mobilizer, for more information.

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