Growing Fruit in Mexico

Although there are great challenges and difficulties around the world, God is still building His kingdom – and we should celebrate! Here’s a great report from Bill and Lydia Allshouse, missionaries in Irapuato, Mexico. 

“Here, in front of our house in Irapuato, there is a mango tree that is attracting a lot of attention!  It’s been producing an abundance of beautiful fruit of which no passerby can resist stopping to pick some. Seeing that tree as I leave the house, I often pray that our lives in ministry will also produce an abundance of spiritual fruit for His Kingdom. These past few months have certainly borne fruit in a variety of ways.

Irapuato_Mango Tree

 Valle de Santiago Fruit  

How exciting to see the entire street blocked off by order of the mayor. It was filled with neighbors watching the Howardsville team’s  evangelistic presentation thru drama, puppets, clowns, and music in front of the church.


Men With Vision Mexico also came from Irapuato to finish putting up the front wall of the church and storm gutter in Valle de Santiago to protect the church from water damage caused by the rains.

Teamwork Fruit

Our Community Church in Lazaro, Irapuato, is needing a kitchen to start a feeding program for children who go to school without a meal. Thanks to the Calvary Church team who partnered with us to help build the cabinets.


Kids Fruit 

Recently a group from Wesley Chapel came and partnered with the Transformation Church to reach out to kids who live just up the mountain in a very needy neighborhood. They learned stories about love and faith. The warm of Jesus was felt thru those that worked and played with the children. The church is now planning a seed project in this needy area to bring wholeness and restoration to these families. starting with the kids.”



Potential Fruit

It’s exciting to share in God’s vision for present and future ministry. After much searching and prayer we have found a new ministry center and guesthouse in Saltillo! Recently the Dunbars have moved in and have started studies and ministry training classes there. There is great potential for neighborhood ministry in that area as well. The one thing missing is to close the gap on $80,000 needed to finish the purchase by December 31st. You can be a part of this potential fruit by sending a check to WGM Saltillo Ministry Center #268-21580 or donate online Come help us close the gap!

Irapuato_ministry center


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