Orphan No More: Michael Moses

From time to time, we post photos from the Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre of children who have been adopted into new families. The Baby Centre, located near Nakuru, Kenya, takes in abandoned babies and toddlers with the goal of seeing them adopted into loving Christian homes, primarily in Kenya. With Father’s Day being last weekend, we were inspired by the story of little Michael Moses going home with his new Mom and Dad.

Michael Moses Adoption

Michael Moses is no longer an orphan!

From the staff at the Baby Centre: “A super special day at Baby Centre today as Michael Moses went home with his new mommy and daddy!!! He immediately climbed into his parents lap and called them “mommy and daddy.” He was a very happy boy today!! Such a blessed day! Thank you Jesus!”

To get updates on new babies and those who have found their forever homes, Like Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre on Facebook.


With 40 or more babies living at the Baby Centre at any time, they go through a lot of formula to help those little ones grow! Your donation will allow staff to always be able to “take one more in.”  Every $7 you give provides one large can of formula to the Baby Centre, which uses 450 cans of formula each month.

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