“Do you love Jesus?”

Nathan and Cydil Waggoner serve in Albania with their children Ellie and Reni.

Nathan and Cydil Waggoner serve in Albania with their children Ellie and Reni.

“You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength...” (Psalm 8:2a)

God often uses the black-and-white wisdom of children to remind us of His eternal truths. For 8-year-old Ellie Waggoner, MK from Albania, the reason their family exists is to tell people about Jesus, whether in their rural home in Albania or traveling around the United States. Missionary activity is not something that is confined to a foreign location; we are called to share the love of Jesus everywhere we go. Here’s her parents, Nathan and Cydil, sharing a recent moment:

“Why are we going back to America this summer? Has everyone in America forgotten about Jesus? Have we finished our job here in Albania? Has everyone here heard about Jesus?”

Ellie sometimes asks the most penetrating questions!

This past year’s homeschool curriculum has focused on countries and cultures around the world and included reading the biographies of Christian heroes who brought the Light of Jesus into dark places for the first time.

As  she processed the meaning of “Homeland Ministry Assignment” – what we call our time spent in the U.S. — her understanding was that our family’s role is to do the same:  bring the Light with us wherever we go! After all, we were in Albania to tell people about Jesus, therefore if we go to America, it must be because people there need to know about him too!

As parents, we are proud of her little evangelistic heart. Since arriving in the States two weeks ago, we’ve been at stores and garage sales, restaurants and churches, and Ellie will ask total strangers, “Do you love Jesus?”  While it might be easy for us to think that we’re simply coming back to report about the work in Albania, Ellie reminds us that our job is to take the Light everywhere! Not just Albania!


What steps can you take today to be more missions-active like Ellie? Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a batch of cookies to your neighbor’s house and invite them to go to church with you on Sunday.
  • Volunteer in your church’s children’s or outreach ministry.
  • Be kind to everyone in the service industry you interact with – servers, cashiers, mechanics, your barista, etc. Be an active testimony of the love and grace of Jesus Christ.


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