Tenwek Hospital Named Success Story by USAID

Tenwek Hospital in Kenya was named a Success Story by American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA), a department of USAID. Tenwek received the Organizational Strengthening Award after showing how ASHA grants have transformed the ministry.

A grant received by Tenwek in 1997 was used to expand the hospital’s facilities to include a 16-bed orthopedic ward. In December 2013, this ward saved the life of a young Kenyan woman who was hit by a truck while walking alongside the road. She suffered an open pelvic fracture, a life-threatening condition that required immediate surgery. She was transported to Tenwek, where a team of doctors, including Dr. Dan Galat, worked to repair her various injuries. After two weeks in the hospital, the woman was healed and discharged.


The young woman who received treatment at Tenwek Hospital, thanks to an earlier ASHA grant.


Without the service of an orthopedic ward and orthopedic surgeon, the woman would have likely become another statistic demonstrating the dangers of walking alongside the road in Kenya. (In 2010, Kenya had 3,000 traffic fatalities, with 47 percent being pedestrians.) Instead, she was able to return home, having reaped the fruits of a harvest sown 15 years earlier.

“This story has helped to highlight the worldwide epidemic of road trauma that is affecting the lives of young men and women to the same degree as HIV,” shared Dr. Galat. “We are currently designing a freestanding orthopedic hospital at Tenwek that will allow us to continue helping patients such as this young lady but on a broader scale.”

Bill Irwin, an attorney at Tenwek, added: “Dr. Galat’s story is symbolic of strengthening, because the original grant continues to impact the community served by Tenwek. And Tenwek is a success story, because the grant was truly seed money that provided much-needed support for expanding the hospital’s infrastructure, and Tenwek has continued to build upon that growth. Fifteen years later, the people of Kenya continue to reap the rewards of seeds that were sown in 1997 with a gracious gift from the American people.”

But the harvest did not stop in 2013. Dr. Galat established an orthopedic surgeon residency program in 2014 that is recognized by the College of Surgeons of East, Central, and Southern Africa and the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons. The program trains East African doctors in the latest Western techniques that they can then share throughout the region.


PRAY: Lift up the doctors and nurses who serve at Tenwek Hospital. May the Lord give them rest as they work long hours, wisdom to treat their patients’ physical needs, and compassion to give their patients the spiritual care they need.

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