WGM and YWAM medical team reaches 300 in Bolivia

It’s exciting to see what can happen when mission groups partner together to do God’s work. WGM’s missionaries in Bolivia work closely with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in a number of ministries, and recently, David Kerney was able to travel to a remote area of the country to help a medical missions team. Here’s his story:

“This trip was full of adventure, if you like the kind with muddy roads and survival life. David joined a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) team of 15 participants, led by Pedro Cayalo (son of Hermes Cayalo), in Lagunilla, near Camiri, Bolivia. At one point, a tire came off the pickup. (Thankfully, the pickup just sank into the soft dirt and no one was hurt.) They had to transport three heavy trunks with medical supplies every day as they traveled to different communities in this area. One time they used a donkey to pull a cart, but at other times they had to be the beasts of burden and load them on their backs.

This was a medical and evangelical team. Part of the team did medical work and the other part presented evangelistic programs for kids. David was with the medical team and translated for the doctors. It was exciting that they were able to see about 300 patients. They attended to their medical concerns and addressed their spiritual needs as well. Thank God for the people who asked Christ into their lives and for those who rededicated their lives to Him. Please pray that the seeds of the Good News that were planted in lives will continue to grow.

Exciting opportunities like this remind us of the impact that a team can make in people’s lives. What one individual can do is multiplied when done through teamwork. Thank you so much for joining our team through your prayers and financial gifts as we minister here in Bolivia. We see God multiply our combined efforts.”

David Kerney (far right) helped a YWAM medical team on a recent trip to a remote area of Bolivia.

David Kerney (far right) helped a YWAM medical team on a recent trip to a remote area of Bolivia.



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