Take the 10×10 Challenge!

Each summer, about 170 kids attend four different camps hosted by the Southwest Indian Ministries Center in Peoria, Arizona. SIMC Camps are part of the ministry of WGM’s American Indian Field. At these camps, SIMC staff share the love of Christ with Native American children, provide fun activities, and allow kids to take part in leadership training. In order to offer more kids the opportunity to come to camp, SIMC plans to raise $10,000 this summer. How? By issuing the SIMC Camps 10 x 10 Challenge.

The 10 x 10 challenge is simple: find 10 people to donate $10 each. These small amounts will add up to make a big difference in the lives of Native American kids who, without camp, might be exposed to the gang lifestyle prevalent in many of their communities.

The donations from the 10 x 10 Challenge go to camp registration, supplies for activities, food, and fun and educational field trips. Some kids take part in Leaders in Training Experience, which allows them to return as counselors and helpers in the camp.

The camp also does the vital work of introducing kids to Christ. Last year, 78 kids made first-time commitments or rededicated their lives to Jesus. For many, going to camp each year builds a spiritual foundation that will stay with them the rest of their life.

Elementary Kids Camp worship time

Elementary Kids Camp worship time

When you request a 10 x 10 Challenge Packet, you’ll receive donation forms, prayer cards for donors featuring artwork by campers, instructions, more information about SIMC and ways to get involved, stats about SIMC’s 2014 camps, and a DVD showing highlights of the camp experience you can share with your church.

10x10 Challenge Folder

The leader’s folder has everything you need, including information, thank-you postcards with art created by Native children, a video of the camps, and much more!



To get your Challenge packet, contact Sandy Anderson of SIMC by calling 623-203-2511 or email sandy.anderson@wgm.org. You can also support the ministry of SIMC camps other ways:

PRAY: Pray for the campers’ hearts to open to the Word. Also pray for the camp counselors and the teams who come to help.

GIVE: You can get a 10 x 10 Challenge Packet to start collecting donations, or you can donate directly to WGM’s American Indian Field Ministries at www.wgm.org/donate-aif.

GO: Call 623-979-6008 to find out about volunteering at SIMC Camps.

MORE: Visit the SIMC Camps’ page to hear more about the camp in the words of both SIMC staff and the children who’ve been blessed by the experience.

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