Men With Vision Annual Project: Equipped to Multiply

Men With Vision is a program that exists to help men (and women!) find practical ways to be involved in missions, both abroad and at home. Every year, the organization adopts a project on a mission field to fund and to visit with work teams. The 2015 project is the Cross Cultural Missionary Training Center near Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From the beginning, God has commanded His people to multiply and make disciples. He asked this of Adam and Eve in the garden and of the early followers of Christ. To make disciples is to reproduce in others what God has given to us through His teaching. To be a disciple is like being an apprentice, with lessons to learn by walking with and listening to a teacher. We learn and then we must multiply what we learn.

In order to multiply what we learn, we must be equipped. Have you ever tried to do a job without the proper equipment? It’s not fun, and it can be aggravating. All teachers need the proper tools in order to lead their students.

WGM has been blessed to see North American missionaries obeying the command to go and make disciples through the equipping of God’s people. We have seen the multiplication of His whole Church from all nations. In particular, we are seeing this lived out in a small community outside Buenos Aires, Argentina. WGM missionary Don Moon has joined a multinational partnership with missionaries from South America who are following the call to multiply.

But before these new missionaries can multiply, they must be equipped. Just as WGM missionaries go through training in cross-cultural living, evangelism techniques, and language learning, these South American missionaries need training. They need to be equipped to do the job God has called them to do. In order to accomplish this training effectively, a new training center needs to be built. Men With Vision has committed in faith to raise $40,000 and volunteer labor to build an intensive missionary training center in El Tigre in the delta region of the Plata River.

Construction is already well under way, and classes are being held in the half-finished buildings. View photos of the progress here.

Your gifts, prayers, and talents through the 2015 MWV Annual Project will help meet this need as we watch God multiply your funds, prayers, and influence. Your efforts have the potential to change nations through this multinational partnership.


GIVE: Help multiply and make disciples in Argentina and beyond. Donate online by clicking here.

PRAY: Pray for Don and Glenda Moon as they equip missionaries for service. Pray for God to show you someone you should equip with the good news of Christ. Pray for the multinational missionaries being trained in El Tigre.

GO: Contact for more info about joining or scheduling a team to Argentina.

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