300th Baby Rescued

The Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre announced last week that they took in their 300th rescued child! Here’s little Joel with missionary Dan Jacobs and a Baby Centre employee:

agc 300th baby

Joel is 2 1/2 years old and is the 300th child to be cared for by the AGC Baby Centre.

Sadly, Joel became ill within a few days of his arrival, and staff took him to Tenwek Hospital for medical care on Monday. Please pray that God will heal Joel’s body, and pray for wisdom for the doctors and medical staff who are caring for this precious little boy.

Want to stay in touch with Joel’s story and many others? Like the Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre Facebook page for updates and photos of the babies.

One thought on “300th Baby Rescued

  1. Denise Wilkerson says:

    April Hershberger ministered at our church, Mt. Sinai EMC today. I was interested in her work. She has a passion for the children. I am a teacher and also love the kids. I also work with special needs children…mainly learning disabilities. Congratulations on serving the needs of children, 300 is a lot! May God continue to bless this ministry.

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