How to Pray for Missionaries

Sarah Larson

Sarah Larson is a new WGM missionary preparing to go to Honduras.

The new year is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean it is too late to set goals for the upcoming year. Some might set a goal to read the Bible in a year. Others might want to pray with intent or for a specific missionary. But how do we know what to pray for?

Sarah Larson, new missionary headed to Honduras, has compiled a list of things missionaries need prayer for on her blog. Sarah is currently raising support to return to Honduras as a missionary.

5 Things Every Missionary Needs Prayer For

1) Pray for the missionary’s spiritual life. Just like you, missionaries sometimes struggle to find time for prayer and Bible study, see areas where they need to grow, go through stressful difficult times, experience tragedies, etc. If someone was to pray for your spiritual life, what would they pray? Pray the same thing for missionaries!

2) Pray for their relationships. Pray for their relationships with their friends, family, and fellow missionaries, Pray for their relationships with people back in the States. And pray for their relationships with the people they are ministering to and with. Healthy relationships are SO important!

3) Pray for the country they minister in. I wrote a blog post about this last year with some resources to help you do this: 5 Resources to Help You Pray for Honduras.

4) Pray for the ministries they work with to flourish. Pray for the church(es) and ministries they work with. Pray for the leadership of the ministies, and for the people who they minister to. Pray for unity, purpose, direction.

5) Pray for others to come alongside them. Missions isn’t just about the people living in another country or in a particular neighborhood. They can’t do what they do without those of you who support them (both financially and in PRAYER). These partnerships are absolutely essential!

Find Out More

Send the missionary a note. We love to hear from you! Tell us what is happening in your lives, and share with us what is on your heart. Ask us questions about what we do and how you can pray for us.

It’s great to have really specific things to pray for. Have you signed up to receive their prayer letters? Do they send out additional prayer request updates? Give them a call or send them an email. If you don’t have any contact information for them, then contact their mission agency, who should be able to get them in contact with the missionary.

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