Mobile Library Project in Honduras

In rural areas in Honduras, kids have a very limited supply of reading materials and libraries are almost nonexistent. Students and staff at Escuela El Sembrador, a school for underpriviledged boys, saw the need to share their reading resources with some local schools, and the Mobile Library Project was born.

“As part of our social projects, El Sembrador in conjunction with Friendship Church in the state of Minnesota is launching the first stage of the Mobile Library Project. Our goal is to come alongside 6 rural schools making available 1,800 books and organizing an annual reading contest among them. The primary focus is to plant in their hearts a love for reading, critical thinking, and creativity. Above all, we strive to build up Christian principles and morals that are fundamental to building a more just society.”

boys readying - mobile library

Honduran boys reading books at the Mobile Library’s first reading contest.

View more photos from the Mobile Library’s first Reading Contest at El Sembrador’s Facebook page.



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