University Discipleship Movement in Uganda


Jeff and Christine Stanfield

Jeff and Christine Stanfield

Who invested in your life when you were a student in college? Here’s Jeff and Christine Stanfield sharing about WGM’s outreach to university students in Uganda:

There is amazing potential in the young population of Uganda. Recent statistics indicate more than 80% of the population is under the age of 30 years. Slightly less than 40% of the Ugandan population is under 10 years of age. We do see children everywhere! Rarely is there a scene without children in it. So the question that begs our answer is, “How are we cultivating faithfulness in children and youth of Uganda?” Here is our answer, in part.

The University Discipleship Movement (UDM) reaches out to university students in Kampala and beyond. God is at work through this ministry, as evidenced by Alfred’s testimony (used by permission).

“I joined Kampala International University (KIU) in August 2012 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in economics. Being a new student at this university, I had difficult time finding a church where my soul would be nourished. With time, my course mate invited me to join United Faith Chapel (a vibrant university ministry) for service one Sunday. I loved the service, and I made a commitment to be part of this great family.

“Before I joined this ministry, I had a challenge reading and understanding the Bible, and my prayer life was so weak. By committing to be part of and involved in this ministry, I have learned to read the Bible and pray. God has continued to shape and mold my heart, breaking the spirit of pride and arrogance from my life, an attitude I learned from my past difficult life experiences. I have come to appreciate the word of God basically shared in Bible studies and small groups in my church. God has blessed me with new vibrant relationships.

“When people notice the great work of transformation that God is doing in my life, I would want to point them to Jesus Christ. Because God has blessed my life, my desire is that he will continue to bless this university ministry, and use it to transform the lives of many other young people in Kampala International University and beyond.”


Give: Help provide Bibles, Bible study materials, books on leadership, and other needed materials for the University Discipleship Movement.

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