Service Focus: Evangelism

It seems a little odd to have a missions cause called Evangelism, since, c’mon, that’s why we’re all in this. But several ministries have evangelism at the very heart of their purpose – to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Are you or someone you know interested in serving in that type of work? Take a look at some of the ministries below:

Bible Storytelling in East Africa

An indispensable part of taking the gospel to the world is contained in the Bible, which, for better or worse, is almost always communicated through written language. However, this does not mean that the Bible is unavailable to people groups who rely on or simply prefer oral tradition for learning. In South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and Burundi, WGM missionaries use the method of Bible Storytelling to train pastors so they can share God’s Word more effectively with their congregations.

Here’s a video of Billy Coppedge demonstrating Bible Storytelling.

Correctional Ministry of Africa Gospel Church in Kenya

The mission of Correctional Ministry is to biblically and wholistically transform offenders through reconciliation to God, themselves, family, and community. This is accomplished through teaching the Word of God, providing a supportive presence, and offering rehabilitative opportunities. Outreach is happening both inside and outside more than 10 men’s and women’s prisons as well as numerous youth facilities, ex-prisoner fellowship groups, and probation departments.

Southwest Indian Ministries Center

Located in Peoria, Arizona, Southwest Indian Ministries Center is the original location of WGM ministries on the American Indian Field. From 1952 to 1998 it was the campus of Southwest Indian School. It is currently being remodeled and updated for the expanding camping and retreat ministry for Native Americans of all ages. Exciting days are ahead as different camps, retreats, fellowship times, training sessions, and other activities will take place, all serving Native Americans.

Elementary Kids Camp worship time

Elementary Kids Camp worship time

Volunteers play a huge role at SIMC. Whether that means doing maintenance or being a camp counselor, opportunities for ministry abound!


Are they waiting for you? We’d love to help you find your place on the mission field!

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