Bob and Andrea Parker: A Journey In Faith

Parker Family“I decided I was done with the church.”

In high school, Bob Parker felt alienated by the church his family was attending. In college, Andrea Parker walked away from her faith, consumed by anger and doubt.

Fortunately, God is relentless in His pursuit.

With great honesty and openness, Bob and Andrea share their story below, which is a testimony of the endless love and patience of God, the gift of family members who never stopped praying and loving them, and the inescapable call to care for the underserved and vulnerable. Today, Bob and Andrea, along with their daughter, Madison, are preparing to go as medical missionaries to Kenya.

“We have completed our general surgery training and now know, more than ever, that we are called to do medical missions. God has brought us to this point and made it possible for us to serve at Tenwek Hospital in east Africa.”


Bob and Andrea plan to move to Kenya in January 2015. Join their support team here!


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