Plan 50

Each year, the Cristo Viene (Christ is Coming) Church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, celebrates the anniversary of their founding. This past March, the church celebrated 48 years. In looking ahead to their 50th anniversary in March of 2016, Pastor David Callau issued a “Plan 50 Challenge” to the congregation.

  • 50 people fasting each month
  • 50 hours of prayer each week
  • 50 homes to be visited this year
  • 50 more youth to be reached for Christ
  • 50 more children to be reached for Christ
  • 50 more adults to be reached for Christ

Missionaries Kurt and Cynthia Zimmerman attend Cristo Viene Church, and say, “Will we reach our goal? Undoubtably it will depend on the extent to which we accept the first two challenges! As we fast and pray, the Lord changes us and spurs us on to do what He would have us to do.

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” (Luke 18:1 NIV)


When God’s people pray, He moves. Can you think of a way that this Plan 50 Challenge could be adapted to your specific circumstances? Like Kurt and Cynthia said, prayer changes us to reflect God’s heart and enables us to do what He calls us to do.


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