Escuela El Sembrador Celebrates 60 Years

Since 1954, Escuela El Sembrador (school of the sower) has been giving underprivileged Honduran boys education and practical skills, all while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Recently, the school celebrated 60 years with a three-day event commemorating the milestone. Here’s Gary and Laura Griffin, missionaries at El Sembrador:

“Wow!  What a special time we have had here at El Sembrador since our last update!  After months of planning and weeks of work, the final touches were applied and the 60th anniversary of the school was held July 16-19.  It was a HUGE SUCCESS!  There were four days of competition in Bible knowledge, physical activity games and singing as well as many times of corporate worship!  Four teams (red, green, yellow and blue) all competed for the honor of being the top team.  What a joy it was to see the students and staff compete and maintain good attitudes, win or lose, throughout the games.

Two work teams from Ohio visited during our celebration time.  They helped with some projects around campus and of course joined in on the festivities! Both groups were a blessing to the campus, students, staff and missionaries here at El Sembrador.

The celebration ended with an amazing time of worship testifying that Escuela El Sembrador was founded on Biblical principles and to this day is an institution that seeks to follow Jesus in every aspect of life here on campus!  We count it a privilege to serve alongside the Honduran leadership here, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through word and actions.

Thank you for praying for us and for El Sembrador!  Keep it up!  God is doing amazing things here!”

Escuela El Sembrador celebrated 60 years of educating underprivileged boys in Honduras.

Escuela El Sembrador celebrated 60 years of educating underprivileged boys in Honduras.

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