Calling in the Big Guns: Transformers Needed in Honduras

Steve, Kelly, and Nick Solheim

Steve, Kelly, and Nick Solheim

As Transformers: Age of Extinction entertains moviegoers around the world, WGM Honduras is on the hunt for its own team of superheroes. Steve and Kelly Solheim, missionary disciples to Honduras, shared the following after attending a recent missions conference in Panama.

“We joined delegations from countries throughout Central and South America to learn that the Great Commission means more than evangelizing individuals,” the Solheims shared. “It means intentionally seeking to transform entire nations through discipleship. We learned practical ways that we can start to create real and lasting change in our communities that will help lift entire populations out of poverty, violence, corruption, and slavery.”

In addition to being inspired by special teachings, Steve and Kelly were able to spend time with Honduran pastors and church leaders.

“We were encouraged and blessed by their compassion for others, their heart to see Honduras transformed, and their sincere desire to do the will of God, not just here, but throughout the world,” the Solheims added. “The church is meant to be so much more than a warehouse of souls waiting for Christ’s return. The Great Commission calls us to make disciples of the nations. The world needs transformers serving and teaching others to serve for the glory of God throughout the world.”

MORE: Read the Solheims’ entire email update to learn how you can partner with them and national Christians in Honduras to help accomplish God’s global purpose for His church.

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