Challenges vs. Rewards

Many family

Heath, Angela, Rees, and Mary Taylor Many

During the past few weeks, Heath and Angela Many and their daughters, Rees and Mary Taylor, have been through a whirlwind of activity and change. They packed 27 pieces of luggage, closed on their house, sold their furnishings and vehicle, traveled via U-haul to Atlanta, said goodbye to family, flew to Kenya, and started language school. Whew! That makes me tired just reading about it.

However, despite the long days, short nights, and many challenges, the Manys feel blessed to be back in Kenya, preparing for ministry at Tenwek Hospital. Read more about their adventures, including interesting bug encounters, at

PRAY: Please pray for the Many family as they remain in language school for two months before transitioning to their ministries at Tenwek. Pray that Heath and Angela will learn Swahili effectively and that Rees and Mary Taylor will adjust to life in Kenya quickly.

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