Kids’ Missions Resources

With the school year wrapping up, many parents are looking for ways to keep their kiddos busy during the summer vacation. If you’re a parent or involved in caring for children, along with the requisite Vacation Bible Schools, swimming excursions, and lazy days at the park, consider incorporating missions into this summer. WGM offers a few resources to help spark some ideas on helping your child learn about missions:

Kids’ Curriculum: Throughout 2014, Kids’ Curriculum is highlighting special life milestones—going to church, school, the doctor—that all kids have, no matter where they live. Articles will include interviews with missionary families from around the world, fun missions activities, and links to projects in the Kids Helping Kids Great Co-Mission Catalog.

kids world go manualKids Helping Kids Great Co-Mission Catalog: WGM’s Kids Helping Kids version of The Great Co-Mission Catalog is geared toward kids ages 7-12. Like the original catalog, it lists specific mission projects that people can donate to or help raise money for. However, this version shows kids what projects they can get involved with to help other children around the world. Many of the neediest people in the world are children.

Kids’ World GO! Manual:  Based on the adult version, this kid-friendly Bible study guide about missions will give your child a chance to flex her missions muscles! He’ll learn about God’s heart for the world and how he can be a missionary right where your family lives.


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