Service Focus: Missionary Staffing Needs

Meet Jared. (“Hi, Jared!”)

Jared Gleason

Jared Gleason is the mobilizer for WGM, and his goal is to help people find their calling on the mission field. Each month, we’ll be highlighting several urgent staffing needs for full-time or volunteer missionaries. We understand that not everyone who reads this blog will be involved in missions through long-term service, but we bet that everyone will be willing to pray for these needs and – as the Holy Spirit leads – help us find the right people!

Questions about any of the opportunities below? Email Jared at All service opportunities are located here.

Guesthouse Host/Hostess (Bolivia)

Do you love people and want to welcome them to a new country? Is hospitality your gift? The host/hostess of the guesthouse in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is a huge ministry opportunity to newcomers and visitors of all ages. While some knowledge of the Spanish language is highly recommended, it is not a requirement. Check out this job description for more information.

Teachers (Uganda, Bolivia, Paraguay, Honduras, Texas, and Arizona)

We need teachers! Year-long commitments are preferred, but sometimes individual semesters are acceptable. In Uganda, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Honduras, teachers are needed in Christian international school settings. Classrooms are extremely diverse, often with ten or more nationalities represented, including many students who are come from unchurched families. Foreign languages generally not  a requirement. Click on the links below to view job descriptions.


Pass it on! Do you know people who would be perfect for these service opportunities? Send them a link to this blog post.

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