Brilliant’s Story

The story we share with you today is not an easy one to tell, because it’s a painful reminder of the brokenness that exists in our world and the desperate need for our Savior. Dan and Heather Galat are missionaries at Tenwek Hospital, where Dan serves as a surgeon and told Brilliant’s story on their blog.

“Last month, a precious two-year-old girl was admitted to Tenwek with a severe, open right femur fracture, the result of a terrible, yet all-too-common motorcycle accident. The fracture was easily fixed with multiple washouts and an external fixator (i.e. pins and rod holding the broken bone together). The fact that Brilliant’s parent are dead as a result of the same accident, and that she is now an orphan is not so easy. Sometimes it’s not just the injury, but the story behind the injury that causes us to shake our heads in shock and disbelief, and fills us with a longing to see more of God’s kingdom here on earth.

Brilliant and her parents were on their way to Tenwek to visit Brilliant’s aunt, who was admitted after an attempted abortion with a coat-hanger in a back-alley “practitioner’s” office. The dirty tool had pierced the uterus, and now she was septic with a raging infection in the ICU, hanging by a thread. It was then that their motorcycle was struck by a speeding SUV, instantly killing Brilliant’s parents and causing the severe injuries to her right leg. Brilliant’s aunt died a few days later.

Brilliant’s story is one of the clearest recent examples for me of why Jesus had to die for us on the cross. Mankind desperately needs saving, as the effects of sin are far-reaching, deep, and tragic. And, in faith, we must believe that nothing is beyond God’s redeeming ability. My prayer is that Brilliant may one day live her name, and shine as an example of God’s healing, grace, and hope in the darkest of histories. Please join me in lifting up this little girl, asking God to bless and encourage and heal.

“Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

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