Teaching Stewardship in Honduras

Heidi Buell

While on a missions trip to Peru during high school, Heidi Buell was confronted by the brutal realities of poverty she saw around her. That experience was the beginning of a calling that would lead her to becoming a missionary to Honduras, where she will help the field with accounting and also teach Hondurans  how to manage finances and support their families without going into debt.

“One of the reasons we are called to be free from the love of money is that God is faithful. We can be content with what we have because He has promised to never leave us or forsake us….We can have confidence in handling money well because ultimately, it’s all God’s. That’s what I would like to do in Honduras, is to help people and come alongside them and encourage them.”

Listen to the rest of Heidi’s story below.


Heidi’s parents started teaching her about managing her money when she was only about four years old. But even at that young age, she was able to grasp that a portion of her “income” (allowance) was to be set aside for tithing and giving away. Do you have children? How are you teaching them to use their money in a way that honors God? If you haven’t been intentional about this yet, try using Heidi’s parents’ idea: give them a shoebox and three smaller boxes to fit inside: one for saving, one for tithing and charitable giving, and one for personal use. Maybe they too will grow up, like Heidi, to want to help others use their finances for God’s glory!

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