Men With Vision Update

Men With Vision was started over 50 years ago as a practical way for men to become involved in missions, both local and global. Since then, it’s expanded to include spouses and families, too, but the core focus remains on the practical – praying, promoting, and practicing missions!

The 2013 Annual Project was a missionary staging and training center for the Africa Gospel Church in Kenya. (Not for American missionaries, but for Kenya missionaries!) The goal was $30,000, and we praise the Lord for helping us meet that goal and go beyond! As of December 16, $33,822 has been raised!

From the MWV blog: “The plans for the building have been approved by the Kenyan government, the ground breaking ceremony has been held and now the work of construction begins.  In February 2014 the first MWV team will arrive.  We are thankful for the blessing of our partnership with the Africa Gospel Church.  We are especially thankful for the partnership we have with AGC Missions and the new official partnership with the AGC Men’s Department.”

Another aspect of Men With Vision is the Minuteman/women program. Basically, when an urgent need arises, whether for a vehicle repair, natural disaster, or building repair need, the Minutemen/women respond! This year, participants have helped provide much-needed air conditioning units at Southwest Indian Ministries Center in Arizona (think about hosting a camp July in Arizona with no a/c!), a reinforced retaining wall for mission property in Uganda that was in danger of being eroded, and helped to renovate a church in Paraguay.


Do you like helping with urgent needs? Sign up to be a Minute-person! Each year, you’ll get three appeals for help. We ask that you commit to giving at least $10 per appeal. (This helps us plan the scope of projects.) Sign up here!

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