Encourage a Latin American Missionary

You know how it goes: when you’re having a hard day, sometimes just getting an encouraging note or text from someone can really brighten your outlook on life. For missionaries entrenched in spiritual battles, that small encouragement can mean the difference between despair and joy.

Don and Glenda Moon are based in Argentina, working to train missionaries from all over Latin America. In a recent email update, Don sent out these suggestions for how you can partner with them:

Pray for missionary candidates.  One couple is immersed in a Muslim community in a South American country.  Through the friendships they have established, they have been invited to a special closed ‘community’ event next week.  Pray that they will sense divine guidance in all they do and say so that their presence will be a witness for Christ.

Write an email.  All of the missionary candidates we work with are actively learning English.  Glenda is tutoring some of them. You can write them a short email in simple English to encourage them as they prepare for missionary service.  A couple of sentences and a Bible promise is enough. Send us the message on our WGM page (Click on the mail icon next to our photo) and we will forward it on to them. They will love it!! (This would be a great project for a small group or Sunday School class.)

Here are some candidates you may want to write to:

  • Eliseo – 20 year old man from Paraguay.
  • Nancy – 23 year old woman of Quechua descent from Ecuador.
  • Andrea – 27 year old woman of Spanish descent from Ecuador.
  • Ofelia – married and mother of three young children from Peru.
  • Fernando – married to Ofelia and father of three young children from Peru.
  • Isaac – 29 year old man from Venezuela.
  • Chechi – 35 year old woman from Peru.

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