A Cry for Help

Note: Christine’s transformational story comes to you from Holder International, the compassionate outreach arm of the Africa Gospel Church in Kenya. 


It was last year December when Christine and her siblings traveled to Nakuru from Kericho. As they returned back home, the vehicle they were in collided with another and somersaulted several times before landing on a ditch. It was a fatal accident which led to the death of Christine’s only child. She broke her arm…dislocated near the elbow.

She was told at the hospital that it will cost her ksh 50,000 (approximately $575) to operate on the hand. Due to lack of funds, she has been with the problem for the last nine months. Christine is a form three (equivalent of 8th grade in the US) drop out, though she was a bright student. She was later married near Kisumu. Her original home is Matobo village.

After mourning the lost of her baby, Christine was chased by her mother-in-law. She accused her for killing the baby. Tongue tied as she was, she felt the world was collapsing on her. Saddened by the turn of events, she went back to stay with her siblings near Kenya Highlands Evangelical University.

Christine lost her parents about five years ago, she is now struggling to meet her daily needs. With the lost of her firsts born baby, broken relationship with her matrimonial home, broken arm and now without parents, she has developed feelings of rejection. She always stays alone. She feels that everybody hates her and she has no future…a crash dream.

She narrated this story with lots of tears rolling down when we welcomed her to our branch office in Kericho. After comforting her, we shared the hope from Christ and the power in His blood that He is able to turn things around.

She later gave her life to Christ.


Holder International staff are raising funds for Christine to have surgery on her arm at Tenwek Hospital.  There are many others like her, who, because of life circumstances, are unable to pay for medical procedures and live with debilitating injuries and pain. Do you want to help Christine and others like her? Donate to the Tenwek Compassionate Surgical Fund, which is given to needy patients.


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