Open to the things of God

Betsy PhillipsMissionary Betsy Phillips talks about being elementary school chaplain at Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center, and also about helping teachers understand what it means to mentor their students.

“Many of [the kids] are really hungry for the Word; their hearts are really open at that age to the things of God and they have a lot of spiritual wisdom and discernment as well.”


Betsy invests a lot of time in teachers at SCCLC; in helping them adjust to the culture as well as enabling them to see their classroom as a ministry opportunity. Earlier this week, we suggested that you intentionally encourage a student who is just starting school. Today, it’s the teachers’ turn. Reach out to a teacher with that same spirit  – whether it’s your child’s teacher, a friend from college, someone from church, or a local school’s principal. Send a note, email, or call with a word of encouragement. Do something to make him or her know that what they do is critically important, and that you love them for it. That’s your mission field assignment today.

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