Regardless of the cost

Kurt and Cynthia Zimmerman
Can kids grasp matters of eternal security, salvation, and trusting their entire lives to Jesus? While grand theological terminology may be beyond them (as it is with many adults as well!), it’s clear that Jesus speaks into the lives of kids and teens, helping them understand their need for Him. Kurt and Cynthia Zimmerman, missionaries to Bolivia, saw this happen in an amazing way during this past spring semester. Check out their story below about a baptismal service at Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center, an international Christian school in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

“This year we experienced a real breakthrough as the Holy Spirit moved in children’s lives…several of them understood for the first time that Jesus died for them, and they chose to follow Jesus regardless of the cost.”


Those eight kids who publicly dedicated their lives to Christ that day had been ministered to by teachers and staff at SCCLC- some of whom, as Cynthia said, may only have been there for a year. But their impact went far beyond, planting seeds of faith into the lives of the kids. Do you have a semester or a year to spare? Check out SCCLC’s personnel needs to learn more about the school.

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