Kids at Camp

With the summer camping season at Southwest Indian Ministries Center winding down, missionary Sandy Anderson sent in this report about Kids Camps, a summer outreach to Native American children:

All of our camps had larger numbers this summer with the largest being 61 campers. If we did not have the new dorm (the occupancy permit was granted just days before the first camp began) we would have had to turn campers away. Praise God for provision and His perfect timing. Our total number of campers for the summer was 168 which is at least 40 more that last year. Each time we hear campers share what they have learned at camp or how they prayed with one of the staff and asked Jesus to be their Savior we are reminded of the eternal significance of the investment of you and so many others in these young lives. One of our very young new campers asked in Bible class that we pray for her Mommy who doesn’t know Jesus, even as she thanked God for her Grandma and her daddy who teach her about God.

Helpers for the camps came as work team members and volunteers came as far away as Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Oregon and Idaho and several local volunteers from here in Arizona. Those who give and help sponsor the cost of attending camps and all who pray, support and encourage those of us who are here ministering all year are part of the team making a difference through this ministry. (Did you miss Sarah Choate’s comments about her week helping at a camp? Check out her thoughts here and here.)

A camper with a volunteer counselor

A camper with a volunteer counselor

Campers relaxing in the new dorm.

Campers relaxing in the new dorm.


LeRoy and Sandy Anderson took a break from raising funds to return to Arizona to help out with camps. However, they now have to leave their ministry and get back to building their support team in order for them to continue serving the Lord on the American Indian Field. You can help them return by donating to their ministry account.

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