Never Thought I’d Be a Missionary

Justin and Debby Williams

Today’s podcast is from Justin and Debby Williams, brand-new missionaries to Uganda. Justin and Debby – along with their three kids – will be serving at Heritage Christian School in Kampala, an international Christian school with students from all over the world. Justin honestly shares his journey to understanding his call to Uganda.

“I began to look at service to the Lord not out of obligation, but out of a desire to be pleasing to Him. I never thought I’d be a missionary, but I am more than excited about this opportunity. I’ve never been more grateful for anything.”

Check out the rest of his story below:


Two short-term missions trips to Uganda had a huge role in confirming that God was calling Justin and Debby to Uganda. For more information on how you can go on a work or ministry trip, visit the WGM teams page.

2 thoughts on “Never Thought I’d Be a Missionary

  1. esherer says:

    How can I get some information on getting involved financially with Jim and Martha Ritchie?  Can you send me a link or some info, please?   Estelle Sherer 1480 Pinehaven Rd. Clinton, MS  39056 601 + 924-6852


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