Have Kids, Will Travel

Rambo, Scott and MegIn keeping with our recent missionaries-on-homeland-ministry-assignment theme, here’s a great blog post about how a young missionary couple with three very young children manage spending weeks on the road visiting their ministry partners. Excellent advice for all parents who travel with their kids!

From Meg and Scott Rambo, missionaries to Uganda (with their sons Benjamin, Timothy, and Josiah):

“How do your kids survive?” This is a question we’ve gotten often since returning to the US. We have spent a lot of our time in the US traveling and we are becoming experienced travelers. We are on the road now, but here are our stats from March 25th (when we landed) to mid-August when we are back in New Jersey. We will have driven 13,000 miles. We will have been traveling 84 days. We will have slept in 24 different beds. Made more potty breaks than we can count. And learned a lot. Here are some things that don’t only help us survive, but help us enjoy our time in the car and on the road.

Their strategies include dividing responsibilities, choosing priorities (screaming or hitting not allowed; messy clothes OK), making travel fun, and always making sure the GPS is charged and ready! Check out the rest of their blog post about traveling with kids. (Illustrated with lots of pictures!)


We love how Scott and Meg talk about engaging with their kids, making sure their “love tanks” are full during long hours of travel and meeting a lot of new people. It’s often too easy to let everyone in the car just exist in their own space. Regardless of the age of your kids (or even if it’s just you and your spouse), what can you do on trips to love on your family? Take turns reading out loud, play a game like “Would You Rather?”, play Round-Robin where each person shares a song – do something to make the time in the car special.


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