Overwhelmed by God’s Goodness

Emily Barlow loves teaching and directing theater productions at SCCLC, a Christian school in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Emily Barlow loves teaching and directing theater productions at SCCLC, a Christian school in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

WGM is all about lives transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. At Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center, a Christian K-12 school in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, missionary Emily Barlow got see that happen during this past year: 

As you read over what I’ve been able to do with God’s help and how He’s been moving at SCCLC this year, I pray that you will feel my love and burden for these amazing students. They are precious to me, and I’m honored to serve them. Through your prayers and giving, you serve them, too. What an awesome day it will be when God shows us what He has done through our service to His people. We began our journey with me sponsoring these kids when they were in 7th grade. It’s doesn’t seem that long ago, and yet now they are getting ready to graduate.

This year I’ve seen them through Senior Retreat, numerous fundraisers, and finally Senior Trip. I’ve taught them about transition, leaving well, serving others, and forgiveness. I’ve laughed with them over inside jokes and cried with them as their hearts were breaking. I’ve been an advocate for their concerns and an intermediary in their arguments. But more than anything I have loved them with a love that only Christ can give. I know this because it’s been rooted in what He has done for me, not what they can give me back. It’s not easy and sometimes the Holy Spirit has to remind me that I love them for Jesus and not for myself. But it’s worth it! As these 22 seniors graduate on June 6th, would you pray that they will walk with Jesus into this next phase of their lives, that they will live to honor Him and love Him, and that they will bring many people to Christ?

We’ve been blessed with a youth pastor and his family who were willing to come down for the year and minister. Ryan and his wife, Pam, have been great about sharing their lives with our students. Because of their love for Christ and their honesty with the kids, we’ve seen students coming to Jesus, giving their lives to Him, and committing themselves to a lifelong long relationship with their Savior. God led Ryan to create SCCLC’s first ever baptismal service, bringing different families and denominations together to celebrate this step of obedience in our students! As I  helped lead the worship service that evening, I was overwhelmed by God’s goodness.


Emily was planning to return to the US this summer for homeland ministry assignment, but God has been leading her to remain in Bolivia for another year. That means she’s in need of financial support. Join her team and donate to her ministry to high school students at SCCLC.

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