God at Work in our World

Ever get tired of the constant stream of bad news and scandal that comes our way from traditional news sources? If these news outlets are the primary lens by which we see the world, it’s no wonder we feel like everything is going completely downhill.

But God is moving and active in our world! Today, be encouraged by these short stories of lives being forever changed by the power of His saving love.

ARGENTINA:  Six girls have filled up the University residence and are in discipleship with Adriana, the Argentine woman who with her husband Mario are living at the residence while Brad and Kristi Weinert are on homeland ministry assignment.  Praise God for these six young ladies who we trust and pray will not be part of the statistics of young people who leave the church and the Lord during their university years.

BOLIVIA:  Praise the Lord for the Ohio Christian University team’s visit on March 8th-14th.  One student raised the funds to bring her unsaved father to Bolivia with the team.  God used the experience to bring that father to salvation after the team’s return to the States!  Hallelujah!

PERU:  Rejoice with our Peruvian friends as they celebrated 11 baptisms at family camp.  Daudi and Cathlene Strong and Ann Seaney enjoyed the preaching of old friends from Bolivia—Victorino, Santiago, and Angel.  It’s a small world after all.

HUNGARY: A middle school girl for whom the Dan and Katy Beth Searls have prayed for several years recently accepted the Lord. This was a cause for celebration!

UKRAINE: Four girls in Oksana Brower‘s youth group recently accepted Christ. Oksana reports that the group has very good discussions and the girls are growing in their faith.

UKRAINE: Two ladies from the Primorsk Church went to western Ukraine for a ministry trip. They held services in villages and 50 people made commitments for Christ.


Pray for men, women, and children who have recently accepted Christ as their Savior. Pray that they will grow strong in their faith.

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