God Moves in South America

Today we share with you a few notes from missionaries in Argentina and Bolivia that will give you an idea that God is doing something big in South America!

Nathan and Amy Schmidt live in Tarija, Bolivia, where they work with local churches. Here’s an excerpt from a recent e-mail update.

  • Nathan has begun discipling a group of six new believers in our “More Than Conquerors” church here in Tarija. They are so eager to learn and serve the Lord! May this be a growing time for each of them.
  • In February we are going to be traveling to Paraguay for the next training event with the missions school. Nathan will be teaching the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and Amy will be teaching some English classes. Together we’ll be serving as pastors to the 30 plus students. We’ll also have some time to visit some of the World Gospel Churches in Paraguay. May God bless these two weeks in Paraguay, and may many be challenged by the Word of God.
  • In December Nathan went to prison…for a time of worship and preaching. Even though the prison is a rough place to be in, God’s presence was definitely there with the group of believers. Pray for this group of 25 prisoners to continue to grow in Christ and to reach out to other prisoners!
  • The whole family is heading off to the mining camp of Tatasi this weekend, then three days to visit our church in Tupiza. Do pray that this will be a fruitful time of ministry!

From Don and Glenda Moon, mission mobilizers based in Argentina:

We received news of a recent event where hundreds of young people gathered to learn how to follow God’s call to become missionaries to the least reached peoples of the world. And they are in the country of Venezuela! Does that surprise you?

God is working in a mighty way in South America and people across the continent are responding to His call.  Another event in Colombia is taking place this week. Remember, in a day where most of the published news is negative or alarming God’s news often goes unpublished but He is at work nevertheless, sometimes in the places least expected.

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