Sacrificial Love

Roberts FamilyHere’s a great story from Ben and Jenny Roberts, missionaries at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, from their recent trip to South Sudan Sudan to do an eye clinic with other staff from Tenwek. Ben and the eye team have gone to do these clinics in South Sudan several times, but this trip was special – Jenny and their three boys came along, too!

This was the fourth trip into South Sudan for the Tenwek Eye Team, and the first trip for Jenny and the boys! Despite the frogs, snakes, scorpions, and mosquitoes, it was a tremendous experience for everyone. Jenny and Luke (age 10) helped in the operating room while the other boys (ages 8 & 6) entertained the kids.

On the last day of the clinic, a special couple came for help:

They traveled four days, walking and sleeping in the bush to get to our clinic. The wife had bilateral cataracts and the husband was blind in one eye. All of us were awestruck when we saw them with only a mosquito net, a bag of sorghum (a staple food grain), and a dry water canister. The husband did not come for himself, but wanted sight for his wife. After informing the husband that we could help him as well, we proceeded to operate on both him and her.

The next morning after removing the eye patches, the man was elated that he could see again. However, the wife, despite our removing cataracts with uncomplicated surgeries, still could not see. Further examination revealed that she had an irreversible blinding retinitis condition.

This man and his wife were not believers. They came from a village where they had never heard of the truths of Jesus that we spoke about. Wilson, one of our eye team members, recognized the sacrificial love of this husband and used it as a beautiful example to share with him of the sacrificial love that Jesus has for each of us. This couple departed having heard the gospel but not personally receiving it. They stated that they would share these new truths that they heard with their village.

Pray for this couple to be transformed by the renewing life of Jesus and receive Him as Lord and Savior. Just as this man gentle washed his wife with water prior to their journey back home, may it be a good reminder to each of us, that Jesus washes us with the purity of his blood and we are made clean and transformed!

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