Church Growing in Mexico

Dennis and Twana JohnsonWhat started out two years ago as a small house church of two families is now a thriving congregation of 40 at Centro Cristiano Pan de Vida (Bread of Life Christian Center) in Leon, Mexico. Missionaries Dennis and Twana Johnson have their hands full with this expanding group of believers. They are praising God that three individuals recently accepted Christ as Savior and are eager to learn about their new-found faith.

One of the biggest needs in this area of Mexico – and in many other parts as well – is strong marriages. Approximately half of all marriages end in divorce. Last year, lawmakers in Mexico made international news when they proposed a two-year marriage “trial” license. Basically, if the relationship doesn’t work out, the marriage could end without having to go through divorce. The bill – which caused widespread controversy – didn’t end up getting passed, but the problem of vast numbers of broken marriages remains.

On December 9 -11, the Johnsons held a marriage retreat with four couples from their church. “We have put a lot of energy into learning what a Christian marriage should look like,” Dennis and Twana said in a recent update. “We are seeing God work in the lives of our couples. We feel as a group that if we do not demonstrate healthy relationships, our testimony will be limited. Pray for us as we all continue to learn and grow together in Him.”

Check out Dennis and Twana’s blog to learn more about their ministry in Leon!


Pray for Centro Cristiano Pan de Vida in Leon. Pray for strong marriages and families, committed believers who share their faith, and for Dennis and Twana Johnson as they lead the congregation.

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