Prayer Lifeline

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Updated every Tuesday, the Prayer Lifeline is a list of current prayer requests and answers to prayer from WGM missionaries around the world. Here are some things that are on the list this week:

India: Following President Hubert Harriman’s challenge to the students at South India Biblical Seminary during the school’s recent four-day Missionary Prayer Band Conference, the majority of the student body went forward to affirm their commitment to holiness living. Praise God for these dedicated servants, and please pray that the Holy Spirit will dwell within the students and guide their paths.

Uganda: WGM Uganda is leading a Bible Storytelling Training at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya November 14-16. Pray that those who attend will see the value of this method and will learn the stories well.

Argentina: Brad and Kristy Weinert praise God for the girls living in the Christian student residence. They recently began a new discipleship series on “The Image of Christ,” and the girls have been receptive. Keep praying that the students will be witnesses for Christ at school, in their neighborhood, and with their families. Pray also for clear minds and good time management as they head into final exams.


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