Street Ministry in Bolivia

Missionary Rick Lampen is a nurse practitioner and partners with YWAM in ministering to people who live on the streets of Santa Cruz, the capital city of Bolivia. Recently, Ned and Marlene McGrady, who serve in member health, were in Bolivia for a staff retreat and got to tag along. Check out the whole story and lots of pictures of their time in Bolivia here.

We boarded the city bus and traveled to an area busy with traffic hustling by. At the intersection of this busy crossroads lay a drainage canal underneath. Each day street kids ages 12 on up grab a blanket, cardboard, plastic whatever they can and sleep under the bridge in the canal. When they wake up in the morning they head out to the street corner with a spray bottle and squeegee to wash windows. Dressed in the same clothes day after day they wash windows at the red lights to get money for food, or in many cases drugs.
Rick’s ministry as a nurse practicioner is to treat these kids wounds with first aid and try to share Christ with them. Let me tell you a story about Lucito. Lucito is 22 years old. Over a year ago, he was struck by a car while washing windows. A car hit him, running over and crushing his left arm and left leg. He went to the social hospital and had surgery to repair broken bones, but it has left him on a crutch with pins in his knee and severely crippled arm and leg.
Rick attended to his wounds while another missionary prayed with him. I gave him a Spanish New Testament and tract to help introduce him to Jesus. He was interested in what we had to say and appreciated the help he was receiving. YWAM has a home for steet kids to go to for safety and rehabilitation. They provide for their needs and give them an education and teach them a vocation. It is a chance for Christ’s love to be shown in very practical and meaningful ways.
The Bible has LOTS to say about how we are to treat those less fortunate than ourselves. Go to and search with the keywords “poor” or “oppressed.” Get ready to have your eyes opened by the many verses that show God’s heart for the poor.

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