In Loving Memory

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and today we are taking a moment to remember WGM missionaries who passed away while serving the Lord on the mission field.

  • 2002: Paul Kleman, Honduras (heart attack)
  • 2001: Tammy King, Kenya (automobile accident)
  • 2001: Erwin Patricio, American Indian Field (complications from diabetes)
  • 2000: Carol Cochran, American Indian Field (cancer)
  • 1998: Naomi Patricio, American Indian Field (complications from diabetes)
  • 1998: John and Masako Trosen, Bolivia (Presumed dead when the Wings of Peace aircraft went missing. Their children, Isaiah (age 3) Sophia (8 months), and Bolivian pastor Juan Carlos Suazo and seminary students Johny and Lucy Mamani were also lost.)
  • 1964: Olga Brown, Burundi
  • 1960: Eleanor Sharp, Burundi (heart attack)

We know their stories did not end on those dates. We look forward to a glorious reunion with our brothers and sisters in Heaven one day. For now, we thank God for the life witness and testimony they have left behind, and for the many who are believers in Jesus Christ because of them.


Read a missionary biography like From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya to get a sense of your spiritual heritage. You’ll be amazed at how God has used “ordinary” people to do incredible things for Him.

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