Seeing God Work

While hosting Kenyan medical interns at their home for a meal recently, John and Linda Spriegel asked them, “How have you seen God work over the past two weeks?” Here are their remarkable stories:

Steven: A patient was recently admitted with tetanus and was very sick. Thankfully, before he went into a coma, he prayed to receive Christ. After several weeks of intensive medical and nursing care, the patient recovered, well aware that it was Christ who had healed him. He eventually went home, rejoicing in the miracle of healing, and the miracle of salvation through Jesus.

Alex: A patient with a bleeding ulcer was failing medical care, continuing to bleed after two endoscopies. It looked hopeless medically, but after surgical treatment, he is recovering. I went to visit him on surgical ward and talked to him about Christ and he prayed with me. I will continue to visit him, because he must know that the Christ who healed him is also his Savior.

Mary: A woman who came in with a terrific headache had very abnormal spinal tap results. After various tests, including a CT scan, we decided to treat her for TB meningitis. Now, just three days later, she is recovering in a marvelous way. She cannot talk well yet, but when she recovers enough, we need to tell her that it was Christ who healed her.

Isaac: (A Kenyan Maasai medical student studying in Russia, here for a four-month rotation before returning to Russia to finish medical school.) For me it is the Christian doctors. We are taught many philosophies in Russia, but nothing about Christianity and how it fits with medicine. I am so excited to be working here with Christian doctors who treat the whole person, praying with patients and talking with them about Christ. This is the way I want to practice medicine.

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