Pray During Holy Week

This week, the global Church is busy with Easter preparations. Although the celebration of Easter looks different depending on tradition and culture, the goal is the same: to celebrate the risen Christ. Here are a few ways you can pray for missions during this week:

1. Pray that the Holy Spirit will be present and glorified in all churches on Easter Sunday.

2. Pray for churches to present a clear message of the saving love of Jesus Christ. Pray that the true message of the Resurrection will be communicated despite cultural distractions. (Easter bunnies = not super helpful. Other cultures also contain numerous traditions that do little to add to the message of Easter.)

3. Pray for those who are unsaved who may be attending church for the first time. Pray that the message of Christ and the love shown by other believers will make inroads in their hearts.

4. Pray for a real celebration!

Speaking of praying, how do you prepare your own heart for Easter?

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