Making Missions Fun

If missions doesn’t really come to mind when you think of having a fun time, think again! As this picture from Mark and Melanie Miller shows, missions teams are what you make them. And if you like having fun, then your missions experience will be!

This team of eye care professionals spent a week in Honduras, providing sight-giving care to over 600 patients. In many developing countries, eye care isn’t a priority (it’s not considered urgent) or isn’t even available, so people suffer from many preventable eye conditions. Check out their blog for more pictures and details about the trip.

Anyone who has gone on a missions trip will tell you about sleep deprivation, exhaustion, iffy team dynamics at times – but they’ll also talk about the people they met, the way they watched God move, and how they grew spiritually through the experience. And for those of us who like to goof off wherever we go, they’ll have some fun pictures like this one to show for it!

World Gospel Mission is good at sending teams. We’ve been doing it for decades. We know what the challenges are, and we know how powerful the experience can be. If you are considering going on a missions trip – whether on your own or with a group – give us a call at 765.664.7331 or visit this link for more information.
Discover your place in missions!

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