Teaming Up to Make a Difference in Philadelphia

By Michael Johnson, WGM missionary with Out of Nazareth (PA)

What happens when God’s passionate people in Philadelphia and Men With Vision meet? Miriam Medical Clinics gains momentum. With this momentum, Miriam will open a second site of service by August/September 2017. Tasker Street Missionary Baptist Church has provided the space to broaden the outreach and increase the impact through healthcare in Christ’s name. World Gospel Mission’ s MWV program in Marion, Indiana, has agreed to provide the professional volunteer construction expertise and work alongside our other partners—the Travis Manyon Foundation, Via Laulima Architects, and Equal Access Legal Services.


Tasker Street Missionary Baptist Church—our next-door neighbor

To date, we have over 1,700 patient visits with dental, podiatric, and medical care provided. We provide counseling for in-depth medication reviews and follow up, cigarette cessation, screening for behavioral illnesses, and primary healthcare for citizens returning from prison and halfway houses. In educating the community in healthcare literacy, we are conducting a series of community health clinical conferences and Sunday health moments at our supporting churches. Two successful fundraising banquets have also raised support and awareness of the work of Miriam. There is growing awareness of our presence and purpose, and that’s what happens when vision meets passion meets action.


(R-L) Michael Johnson, Patricia Imms Pitts, Phil Herring, Kay Johnson, Dr. Neil Pitts, and Bill Bucher

Our Creator God has allowed us to serve Him together in ways we could have never imagined. Daily our lives are being transformed as are the lives of people around us. Jesus has made His love felt in this community. We thank Him for bringing you alongside of us in these multiple venues, ministries, callings, and years. We know what happens when. We can now ask: what happens next?


Preliminary layout for new clinic

MORE: To learn what’s happening next at Miriam Medical Clinics, read Michael and Kay Johnson’s newsletter here. As for MWV, Program Coordinator Bill Bucher is planning the next project—roofing houses in Haiti that were damaged by Hurricane Matthew last year. Listen to Bill as he shares about MWV’s future plans.


The roof and building in need of repair in Haiti


This is Just the Beginning


We want to say a big thank you to all of you who have joined us in praying for Muslims during this holy month of Ramadan. Your prayers matter and are making a difference around the world every day! Isn’t it amazing that God can use us right where we are?

You may be wondering “What’s my next step?” or “How else can I help?” We want to invite you to join us in the journey of ministry to the Muslim world. WGM can help you find your path; just email to start the conversation. Let’s talk about ways you can make a greater impact.

Meet the Needs

The difference being made in healthcare in Honduras is amazing, and much of it is due to the needs seen by those serving in Honduras. Missionaries Larry and Angie Overholt have been instrumental in changing the way Honduras meets the medical needs of its people. Read this exciting article from the Spring 2017 issue of The Ohio State University College of Nursing’s Transformations in Nursing & Health magazine. Learn how God is using the Overholts and other missionaries to fulfill a great need.

Creating a school of nursing in Honduras

Two emerita professors and an alumna of the College of Nursing succeed in establishing a new high school of nursing in this Central American nation.

By Jennifer Grabmeier

The idea to revolutionize nursing education in Honduras could be a version of an old adage: Visit a community with high-quality nursing care once a year and its people will benefit for a day; teach high-quality nursing to a community, and their health will improve for lifetimes.


Photo credit: Overholts

Two emeriti professors from the College of Nursing and an alumna and her fellow Buckeye husband turned that thought into a new nursing school that is the first of its kind in Honduras. It is also an exciting new chapter in the College of Nursing’s ongoing outreach to this Central American country, which started with student study abroad trips in 2000.


Photo credit: Overholts

Ann Overholt, FNP, ’00, ’05 MS, proposed that first trip to faculty to meet the public health requirement for her BSN. Overholt and her husband, Larry (’79, ’05 MS in agricultural extension education), had lived in Honduras for 18 years working as missionaries and had returned to Ohio State to further their education.

Professor Emerita Kathleen Stone, PhD, RN, FAAN, ’72, agreed to go with her and another student, and after the Overholts returned to Honduras, Stone continued taking students to the southernmost state of Choluteca, where the Overholts live. Professor Emerita Elizabeth Barker, PhD, joined the program when she came to Ohio State in 2003.

The study abroad trips, which included physicians, nurses, pharmacists and Spanish majors who served as translators focused on residents in remote rural areas. Eventually, however, the organizers realized visiting the area once a year was not enough.


Photo credit: Overholts

“Every year for 17 years we’ve had the College of Nursing outreach and it was great, but over the years we realized we weren’t really changing anything,” said Angie Overholt. “Every year we gave out medicines, but we weren’t really impacting long-term change in their health care. We talked about putting our efforts into training the nurses.”

In Honduras, which has 8.1 million people, there are roughly 8,300 nurses—5,600 of whom are in fact nurse’s aides with only a sixth-grade education. “They are the ones who go out and run the clinics and work in the hospital,” said Stone. “They are the go-to people for nursing.” The other 2,700 nurses are educated at the university level and serve as administrators.

MORE: To read the rest of this article, click the link below.

ACT: Thank you for praying for this ministry, and please continue to pray for impact as school continues. May lives be changed for God’s glory!

“Jesus Loves Muslims”

Check out this prayer resource from As we pray for Muslims during this month of Ramadan, we must find ways to dive into the why, the what, and the how in order to better understand our differences and their culture. This resource includes backgrounds of religion, insights from the Bible, and stories from real people. We are called to love all people, and in order to do that and pray, we must first understand.


Photo credit:

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